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The Education Services Department has designed multi-layered educational programs to address the individualized needs of our children and young adults with developmental, intellectual and other life-affecting disabilities.

Young Adult Transition Program

This program is designed for students aged 16 to 21 years of age. It is aligned with each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). The plan is designed in conjunction with The Arc, the students, their family and the school system. The program teaches adult life skills, employment skills, social skills and community involvement.

Extended Day Program

The Extended Day Program provides a variety of activities to school-age children and young adults. The program focuses on social skills development, community involvement and mentoring. It provides an opportunity for students to experience time in the community, while developing and enhancing skills. The activities are mostly community based, and include opportunities to interact with peers in settings that are both supportive and allow for independence.

Activities are geared towards building social skills, independent living skills, confidence and friendships. The individuals are supported with trained staff who encourage participation and choices. Activities include supporting students at their after school activities and events.(i.e Unified Sports games and practices, talent shows, band practice)

Extended Year Program

This program offers an opportunity to continue a student’s educational plan through the summer to include recreation, leisure and life skills. Students take part in field trips and community events. It provides an opportunity to continue to improve on the skills that the student worked on during the school year, while enjoying other activities.


For more information, contact Education Services, at (860)774-2827 ext.112 or at

Director of Education and Training - Mallory Murray 

Coordinator of School Programs - Lindsey Stewart